Babies in Playroom

2-4 year old

Most of the toys in this section can grow with your child. Children will start to show more and more independence during play. Your child will start to explore toys for longer periods of time. They’ll begin to implement problem-solving, matching and sorting, and trial and error during play. Their language will explode. There’s a potential to engage in creative play with a variety of toys.

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MAGIFITE Matching Easter Eggs.jpg
Easter Eggs
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Ehome Toddler Muscial Instruments.jpg
Ehome Toddler Musical Toys
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Water Magic
Water Magic Drawing coloring-writing
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Melissa _ Doug Primary Lacing Beads.jpg
Melissa and Doug Primary Lacing Beads
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Melissa _ Doug Activity Magnets.jpg
Melissa and Doug Activity Magnets
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Egg Shaped Crayons.jpg
Egg Shaped Crayon
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3 Prong Grip Tongs.jpg
3 Prong Grip tongs
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Ride on Toy.jpg
Ride-on Toy
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Knobby Soft Balls.jpg
Knobby Soft Balls
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