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About me....

I've always believed that it's imperative to be proactive, than reactive, when it comes to health and wellness.  I've worked with families for close to 30 years and I've been privileged to a part of some families throughout their child's lifespan.  I believe that the right type of early intervention and parent education can change the trajectory of a child's development.  It's imperative for a parent to understand a child's potential in order to better understand how to advocate for them. I look forward to partner with parents who are eager to learn, patient enough to practice, and are looking for a partner to do so!

Tiny Feet
Newborn Baby


Telekids Therapy is committed to providing families a platform to connect with a professional from the comfort of their own home, to discuss developmental concerns about their children, ages 0-5 years old.  Our providers will always use evidence-based information and customize recommendations, strategies, and solutions for parents to learn more about their child’s developmental skills, and how to help them. 

Diversity Statement

Telekids Therapy’s mission is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. We work with parents to empower them to help their children to be the best they can be. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience this life to the extent that they can participate in it. It’s our charge to facilitate this process for the families with whom we partner with. 


It’s our hope at Telekids therapy that we set the model for others to treat everyone with the same respect and compassion regardless of gender, culture, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, political perspectives, (dis)ability status or race. Inclusion should be more than separate but equal,  We look at this charge as a shared responsibility with parents and caretakers. 

Telekids Therapy celebrates the differences among us, different points of view and different opinions. What unites us is more than what separates us.  Telekids therapy is committed to creating a top-down and grassroots approach to fighting racism as we move towards a more tolerant nation both as individuals and collectively as a society. Together, we’re stronger!!

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