Teletherapy sessions will be scheduled in your home or daycare.  Studies show that teletherapy sessions have led to greater functional changes to be reached at a faster rate by using the child's own toys in familiars surrounding.

Telehealth Developmental Evaluation

Telehealth Developmental Evaluation

  • Professional will conduct a functional assessment of neuromuscular, sensorimotor, communication, and musculoskeletal systems.  

  • Collaborate to discuss evidence-based strategies to help your child develop.

  • Educate family and caretakers in the “why” of what they’re seeing.

  • Develop a plan to support your child's development or your areas of concern.

  • Provide a family with intervention strategies, community resources, and current evidence-based information from reliable sources that are appropriate for your specific child.  We will help you identify and refer you to a specialist if indicated. 

  • Prior to your first assessment, it would be helpful to share videos or pictures of your child in the area of concern. 

$200/1 hour

Telehealth Follow up visits

  • Monitor progress and modify exercises, positioning, or activities for the next steps.

  • Coordinate consultations with referral to appropriate specialists as needed.

  • Identify appropriate community resources as needed.

  • Sessions scheduled may be a combination of synchronous or asynchronous, according to your availability. You can communicate with your provider through a HIPAA secure and encrypted portal 24/7. 


$100/30 min

Telehealth Follow Up Visits
Telehealth Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Infant massage benefits babies and parents.  

Infant massage:

  • Great for bonding opportunity between you and your baby.

  • Helps your baby relax and sleep.

  • Positively affects infant hormones that control stress.

  • Increases vocalizations and direct eye contact.

  • Gives fathers a special time to connect and bond.

  • Can help with gas and constipation

3 sessions for $125


Well check and ongoing packages

Don't 'wait and see' and don't let a small delay turn into a significant developmental delay. You should always feel like you have a reliable source to get developmental information about your child without waiting to see your pediatrician in a month, in 3 months or even a year. 


Toddler package: 6 months package of consulting with a therapist once a month for a 30-minute virtual check-in and ongoing communication via secure patient portal to discuss your childs':

  • Communication

  • Behaviors

  • FIne motor

  • Gross motor

  • Feeding

Newborn package:  Check-ins at 3 months,  6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

  • Check- ins (1 hours) will include:

  • Consult with a therapist for an hour

  • Baby room set up

  • Developmentally appropriate toys and gadgets

  • Instruction in newborn swaddling and positioning 

  • Instruction in infant massage

The package also includes ongoing contact through e-mail with your provider throughout your baby’s first year.

Telekids Packages